Radio Stars Something for the Weekend 1977 1978

Something for the Weekend is a compilation of live recordings by punky power pop band Radio Stars.

It was recorded at various venues from their 1977/78 tours.

Are they punk? No but they appeared as punk and new wave was exploding and they had a similar self-made quality. Both Andy Ellison (John’s Children with Marc Bolan) and Martin Gordon (Sparks) had form including both being members of Jet.

This has some excellent, very catchy tunes on it although you do risk finding yourself singing “I Want To Take Dirty Pictures Of You” at inappropriate moments. I bought the single back when it came out and looked Nervous Wreck and No Russians In Russia as well. I was surprised the band didn’t go on to bigger success.

Radio Stars Something for the Weekend

Songs From Radio Stars Something for the Weekend

Box 29 – 2:26
The Beast of Barnsley – 3:04
Is It Really Necessary – 3:23
Elvis Is Dead (Boring) – 2:05
Johnny Mekon – 4:14
No Russians in Russia – 3:34
Nervous Wreck – 2:01
Dirty Pictures – 3:17
From a Rabbit – 4:11
Macaroni’N’Mice – 2:54
Good Personality – 3:11
Eric – 2:10
Shakin’ All Over – 4:18
Dear Prudence – 4:50
The Mania Express – 2:46
Throwaway – 3:29
My Mother Said – 2:39
Two Minutes Mr. Smith – 4:23

This is one of those groups that take me right back to my days in the sixth form (when I had more hair) and they are lots of fun. If you like power pop, I recommend that you listen to the mp3 samples. I think you’ll be impressed.


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