The Best Live Albums By Lester Young

Lester Young excelled with Count Basie and in partnership with Billie Holiday but it’s often alleged that his solo work after he left the army, and especially after 1950 wasn’t up to his previous exceptionally high standards.

Is that true?

We have a few early live recordings from Count Basie in the period before the Second World War but his live solo recordings are after 1945.

What Are The Best Live Albums By Lester Young?

I have started a readers poll for you to cast you votes and to help find the best Lester Young live albums? Will there be one or two recordings that are identified as essential by many people or will votes be well spread out?

What Are The FIVE Best Live Albums By Lester Young?

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What Are The Best Live Jazz Albums Of All Time?

Please vote in my poll to find the best live jazz albums. While you may not have heard all of them, I see a vote as a recommendation to other readers.

What Are The FIVE Best Live Jazz Albums?

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What great live jazz albums have I missed?

You can see the complete list of readers polls at Live Album Polls.

Live Album Polls For The Great Jazz Artists

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2 thoughts on “The Best Live Albums By Lester Young”

  1. What an interesting and useful site. Unfortunately I just discovered it today (20th June 2019) while doing some research.
    It is a pity that so few people voted in some of your polls which does limit the value of the results. Still, it is good that you have been attempting these things. I am particularly interested in jazz (an uncle had a jazz band when I was a kid) and have enjoyed your lists, at least.
    Are you still pursuing these interest?

    1. I have health problems which cause extreme fatigue. This means my “working” day is very short. I want to try to keep this website going.

      I’d love to get more votes on the jazz album polls. I’ve notice some of the rock polls have been slow burners, struggling to get to about 50 votes and then they seem to get to a critical mass and take off.

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