What Are The Best Live Albums By Charlie Parker?

What are the best recordings of Charlie Parker performing live?

Parker died in 1955 but for the ten years prior to his death, we are blessed with some great jazz recordings as bebop was developed by Parker, his friend Dizzy Gillespie and others.

He made famous studio recordings for Savoy, Dial and Verve but when and where were the best live performances recorded?

I have the 1946 and 1949 albums he did with JATP where he played with Lester Young, One Night In Birdland from 1950 and the Jazz At Massey Hall concert from 1953.

I’m probably missing something essential.

What Are The Best Live Albums By Charlie Parker?

What Are The THREE Best Live Albums By Charlie Parker?

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What Other People Say Are The Best Charlie Parker Live Albums

Best Ever Albums – Charlie Parker Best Ever Albums – at this website, people are asked to list their best albums and the website does lots of number crunching to produce lists. Strangely no live albums feature.

Steve Hoffman Forum – What is the definitive Charlie Parker album – members make their suggestions and they include Diz and Bird Town Hall 1945, Jazz At Massey Hall, Birdland and the Royal Roost.

On NewYorker.com, there is a list of 100 Essential Jazz Albums and this includes Best of the Complete Live Performances on Savoy and the 1945 Town Hall concert with Dizzy Gillespie.

At the Organiissimo Jazz Forum – Charlie Parker recordings I should listen to – lists Massey Hall, The Complete Live Performances on Savoy, Town Hall, June 22 1945, At Birdland, Vol. 1, Washington Concerts, With Quartet and The Orchestra, Open Door, Live at Rocklands, Charlie Parker, Lester Young Complete JATP Performances from 1946 and 1949 as well as others.

The Saxontheweb forum – Favorite Live Charlie Parker CD? – suggests Rockland Palace ’52, Birdland 1950, Diz ‘N Bird at Carnegie Hall 1947, One Night in Washington, Bird at St. Nick’s,

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What Are The FIVE Best Live Jazz Albums?

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You can get these albums from Amazon.comAmazon.co.uk.

What great live jazz albums have I missed?

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