What Is The Best James Brown Live Album?

James Brown released a lot of live albums but what are the best? Which James Brown live albums would you advise someone to buy?

The obvious answer is Live At The Apollo 1962 but is that really representative of the legacy that James Brown has left? I don’t think so.

You can vote for your three favourites and if you think I’ve missed a great one from my poll, leave me a comment and I’ll add it in.

What Are The THREE Best James Brown Live Albums?

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Why not leave me a comment and let me know why you voted for the album or albums that you did.

My Thoughts On The Results So Far

The first battle is whether James Brown is best as a soul singer or the leader of a funk band, then it’s a decision about which albums to support.

At tye time of updating this article, funk is beating soul.

At #1 is Love Power Peace from Paris in 1971.

James Brown Love Peace Power album cover

This is a thrilling, hardcore funk album. Highly recommended.

In seconds place is the legendary live album Live At The Apollo in 1962.

James Brown Live At The Apollo 1962

Another exceptional performance with a great atmosphere. It helped to popularise the concept of live recordings.

I regard both of these albums as essential and they show the transformation James Brown pioneered.

The contest below second is tight but I’m hoping things will get clearer as more people vote.

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