James Brown Love Peace Power 1971

Love Peace Power is a James Brown live album recorded in Paris (France) in March 1971.

This is a very different James Brown than was featured on the famous Live At The Apollo 1962. The high energy soul and r&B tunes are out and in their place is hard driving funk.

If you’re a late comer for James Brown, this is probably much more how you expect him to sound when he was in his prime (he was coming up to his 38th birthday).

James Brown Love Peace Power – Overall Rating 28/30

James Brown Love Peace Power album cover


Set List – 9/10

  1. Intro – 1:12
  2. Brother Rapp – 3:03
  3. Ain’t It Funky Now – 5:36
  4. Georgia On My Mind – 6:11
  5. It’s a New Day – 2:52
  6. Bewildered – 4:19
  7. Sex Machine – 8:45
  8. Try Me – 2:19
  9. Medley: Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag/I Got You (I Feel Good)/I Got The Feelin’ – 1:29
  10. Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose – 5:14
  11. It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World – 5:43
  12. Please Please Please – 2:08
  13. Sex Machine (reprise) – 0:39
  14. Super Bad – 5:07
  15. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved – 2:07
  16. Soul Power – 4:24
  17. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved (finale) – 3:33

The album is just under 65 minutes long. I’m left wanting more. In particular , I’d have loved James Brown and the JBs to cut lose on track 9, the medley of Medley: Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag/I Got You (I Feel Good)/I Got The Feelin’.

The teasing is mean. It just gets started and then moves along. I Got You is one of my very favourite songs and it makes me feel great.

While I may groan, it’s a very nicely put together set that varies the speed, intensity and levels of soul and fun. Highlights for me are Sex Machine and It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World that shows both sides of James Brown.

Performance – 10/10


James Brown talks, sings, squeals, screams and makes all kinds of noises to pull the audience into the performance.

The JBs had been together for about a year by March 1971 and they were tightly drilled to create a fantastic funky sound.

I moan about the noise of some of the heavy rock live albums I review but Love Peace Power makes me want to crank it up very loud. The trouble is, I then lose control of my mind and body as the funky beats consume my every being.

The JBs at this stage were:

  • Bobby Byrd: MC, vocals, organ
  • Darryl “Hasaan” Jamison: trumpet
  • Clayton “Chicken” Gunnells: trumpet
  • Fred Wesley: trombone
  • St. Clair Pinckney: tenor saxophone
  • Phelps “Catfish” Collins: lead guitar
  • Hearlon “Cheese” Martin: rhythm guitar
  • William “Bootsy” Collins: bass guitar
  • John “Jabo” Starks: drums
  • Don Juan “Tiger” Martin: drums

Some of these didn’t stay with James Brown for long and joined George Clinton in Funkadelic and Parliament.

Atmosphere & Authenticity – 9/10

Live At The Apollo 1962 is famous for the tremendous live feel and reactions to and from the audience.

I don’t expect you to be disappointed with this either although the fans in France are more subdued. I’d have preferred it to have been recorded in front of a mainly black audience in America for maximum audience participation.

Overall Rating For Love Peace Power – 28/30

I have to be satisfied with listening to this fantastic concert on my iPod. It must have been a remarkable experience to have experienced the James Brown show when he was in his prime and constantly innovating this sound we know as funk.

Is this the best James Brown live album?

I don’t know. There are a lot to choose from but this has to be one of the very best. Arguably it’s the one to buy if you want one James Brown CD rather than a big collection.

What Others Say About Love Peace Power

James Brown regularly features in the lists of best live albums but the number of live albums causes the vote to be split.

Live At The Apollo 1962 is the one that is most often featured. I think Love Peace Power is better and much closer to the funk music that is James Brown’s main legacy.

Amazon reviewers love it


Why a guy complains about the sound but I don’t understand why.

Buying Love Peace Power

It’s available from Amazon.com – Amazon.co.ukiTuneseBay

My advice is to get it.

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