Bootsy’s Rubber Band Live In Louisville 1978

Live in Louisville 1978 is a live album by Bootsy’s Rubber Band featuring funk bass-playing superstar Bootsy Collins. It was recorded at the Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky on March 15, 1978.

Bootsy Cllins made his name playing with James Brown and then he became part of the P-Funk antics with George Clinton.

Bootsy’s Rubber Band Live in Louisville 1978

Bootsy's Rubber Band Live in Louisville 1978

Set List

Intro-Maceo – 0:23
Bootsy?(What’s The Name Of This Town) – 3:15
Rubber Duckie – 0:56
Psychoticbumpschool – 3:17
Pinnochio Theory – 6:29
Hollywood Squares – 5:42
Roto-rooter – 3:27
Very Yes – 5:31
Can’t Stay Away – 6:10
Stretchin’ Out(In A Rubber Band) – 11:26
I’d Rather Be With You – 10:20
Aah The Name Is Bootsy, Baby – 4:27
Bootzilla – 6:22

I’ll be writing a longer review.

What Other People Say About Live in Louisville 1978

I haven’t seen it in any best live albums ever lists but very little funk (with the exception of James Brown) is included.

Reviews at Amazon are very positive.


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What Do You Think About Live In Louisville?

Do you think this is the best live album by Bootsy Collins outside of his time with James Brown and P-Funk?

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