Prince One Nite Alone 2002

One Nite Alone is the first official live album by Prince and its from his tour in 2002.

If you’re like me and you were lucky enough to see Prince in the eighties, you’ll know that this is much too late. prince used to be THE hottest act around and his live shows were sensational.

Let’s be honest. He did lose his way when he changed his name to Symbol.

Prince One Nite Alone

Prince One Nite Alone

Set List

Disc 1: Main act, part 1

Rainbow Children” – 11:46
Muse 2 the Pharaoh – 4:49
Xenophobia – 12:40
Extraordinary – 5:02
Mellow – 4:30
1+1+1 Is 3 – 6:05
Other Side of the Pillow – 4:46
Strange Relationship – 4:13 (Sign Of The Times)
When U Were Mine – 3:47
Avalanche – 6:04

Disc 2: Main act, part 2

Family Name – 7:17
Take Me with U – 2:54 (Purple Rain)
Raspberry Beret – 3:26 (Around the World in a Day)
Everlasting Now – 7:41
One Nite Alone… – 1:12
Adore – 5:33
I Wanna B Ur Lover – 1:22
Do Me, Baby – 1:56
Condition of the Heart (Interlude) – 0:39
Diamonds and Pearls – 0:41 (Diamonds and Pearls)
The Beautiful Ones – 2:10 (Purple Rain)
Nothing Compares 2 U – 3:48
Free – 1:06
Starfish and Coffee – 1:07 (Sign Of The Times)
Sometimes It Snows in April – 2:41 (Parade)
How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore? – 5:07
Anna Stesia – 13:12 (Lovesexy)

Disc 3: The Aftershow

Joy in Repetition – 10:56
We Do This – 4:42
Medley: Just Friends (Sunny)/ If You Want Me to Stay – 4:26
2 Nigs United 4 West Compton – 6:15
Alphabet Street – 2:55 (Lovesexy)
Peach – 11:19 (Diamonds and Pearls)
Dorothy Parker – 6:17 (Sign Of The Times)
Girls & Boys – 6:59 (Parade)
Everlasting Now (Vamp) – 1:49

I’ve only put down the albums that the songs were originally on where I know it. I’m not interested in the Prince stuff for the last twenty years.

I have t admit that this is an interesting collective of songs including some gems from the mid to late eighties, it lacks the big hits.

What Others Say About One Nite Alone

It’s not appearing in the critics lists of best live albums.

Feedback on Amazon is very positive


It needs to be because this is a very expensive live album.

Buying One Nite Alone

You’ve got to be a big fan to get this but it’s still on sale from  – iTuneseBay

I am boycotting it. I’m not paying such a high premium price for this past his best period work but I might if we get something from the Sign Of The Times or Lovesexy Tours. If the price comes down, I will buy because I ache for a proper live Prince recording to bring back my memories.

I’d love to recommend the DVD of the Sign Of The Times tour but only for those who aren’t too fussy about the sound. It seems that a poor job was done when it was digitalised. The concert film itself was fantastic.

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