Horslips Live 1976

Horslips Live is the first live album by Irish prog/folk rock band Horslips.

It was recorded after The Tain studio album but before Book Of Invasions. These are the two most famous studio albums by the group.

It was released in 1976 but I haven’t been able to find out when or where it was recorded. If you know, please tell me by leaving a comment below.

Horslips Live

Songs On Horslips Live

Disc: 1
1. Mad Pat
2. Blindman
3. Silver Spear
4. High Reel
5. Stars
6. Hall of Mirrors
7. If That’s What You Want (That’s What You Get)
8. Self Defence
9. Everything Will Be Alright
10. Rakish Paddy

Disc: 2
1. Rakish Paddy (Continued)
2. King of the Fairies
3. Furniture
4. You Can’t Fool the Beast
5. More Than You Can Chew
6. Dearg Doom
7. Comb Your Hair and Curl It
8. Johnny’s Wedding

Progarchives.com give it an extremely high rating of 4.39 when 4 is considered as “Excellent addition to any prog rock music collection” and 5 means essential.


Buying Horslips Live

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