Jack Bruce BBC Live In Concert 1971

BBC Live In Concert is a live recording of Jack Bruce performing live in concert. It was recorded by the BBC and broadcast on the Radio 1 In Concert programme.

The concert was at the Paris Theatre in London on 19 August 1971.

After the success of Cream, it would have been very easy for Jack Bruce to settle into playing Blues rock but in the late 1960s and early 1970s he was trying to be more progressive.

What we have is a jazz, blues, psychedelic fusion that I think is very interesting.

Jack Bruce BBC Live In Concert

Songs On Jack Bruce BBC Live In Concert

1. You Burned The Tables On Me (originally on the album Harmony Row)
2. Folk Songs (Harmony Row)
3. A Letter Of Thanks (Harmony Row)
4. Smiles & Grins (Harmony Row)
5. We’re Going Wrong (a Cream cover from Disreali Gears)
6. The Clearout (Songs for a Tailor)
7. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
8. Powerhouse Sod (originally a West, Bruce and Laing song)
9. You Sure Look Good To Me

Playing on the album are:

Jack Bruce – lead vocals, bass and piano
Chris Spedding – lead guitar
Art Theman – Tenor Saxophone
Graham Bond – organ, piano, alto Saxophone and vocals
John Marshall – drums

The album has largely been superceded by a 3 CD box set from the BBC called Spirit which has a stereo version of this recording.


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