Yaz Yazoo Reconnected Live 2008

Reconnected is a live album by Yazoo / Yaz (the group seem to be known as Yaz in the United States but as Yazoo in the UK and elsewhere.)

Yaz Yazoo Reconnected Live 2008


Songs On Yaz Yazoo Reconnected Live 2008

Disc: 1
1. Nobody’s Diary
2. Bad Connection
3. Mr. Blue
4. Good Times
5. Tuesday
6. Ode to Boy
7. Goodbye 70’s
8. Too Pieces
9. In My Room
10. Anyone
11. Walk Away from Love

Disc: 2
1. State Farm
2. Sweet Thing
3. Winter Kills
4. Midnight
5. Unmarked
6. Bring Your Love Down
7. Don’t Go
8. Only You
9. Situation


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