Dr Feelgood Stupidity + 1975

I’ve already discussed the original release of the live album Stupidity by Dr Feelgood.

Stupidity is the 1975 recordings with bonuses added from live concerts through to 1990.

I fear that this is a case where, for some Dr Feelgood fans including me, more is less.

Dr Feelgood Stupidity +

Dr Feelgood Stupidity + album cover

Set List

The first 15 songs come from the original release of Stupidity.

  • Take A Tip – 2:49 (from the album Private Practice)
  • Every Kind Of Vice – 3:16 (Private Practice)
  • She’s A Wind Up – 1:51 (Be Seeing You)
  • No Mo Do Yakamo – 2:06 (A Case Of The Shakes)
  • Love Hound – 3:01 (On The Job)
  • Shotgun Blues – 6:32 (Let It Roll)
  • King For A Day – 2:11 (A Case Of The Shakes)
  • Milk And Alcohol – 2:39 (Private Practice)
  • Down At The Doctors – 3:12 (Private Practice)

Wilko Johnson was the driving force behind the group so when he left, the group changed its sound.

The guitarists who might be on these extra tracks of Stupidity+ are:

  • Gypie Mayo – April 1977 to March 1981
  • Johnny Guitar – March 1981 to December 1982
  • Gordon Russell – March 1983 to May 1989

I don’t have a problem with these songs in particular but I find the mood has changed and I don’t play Stupidity+. What I’ve done on my iPod is to treat this as two albums, the original 1975 Stupidity and the bonus tracks.

Buying Stupidity +

It is available from Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukiTuneseBay

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal.

What Do You Think About The Bonus Tracks On Stupidity +?

I’d like to know if you agree with me that in this situation, more is less.

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