Ducks Deluxe The John Peel Sessions 1973 to 1975

The John Peel Sessions is a collection of “live in the studio” recordings for the Radio One John Peel Show between 1973 and 1975.

Ducks Deluxe are one of the classic pub rock bands from the 1970s but I’m also treating them as a proto-punk band (i.e. they helped to inspire the punk rock changes in 1976 to 1979). They seriously rocked unlike peers like Brinsley Schwartz who had strong country rock influences.

Ducks Deluxe The John Peel Sessions

Songs On Ducks Deluxe The John Peel Sessions

1. Fireball
2. Coast To Coast
3. Pensecola Blues
4. Bring Back My Packard Car
5. Fireball
6. Dancing Beat
7. The Cannons Of The Boogie Night
8. It’s All Over Now
9. Paris 9
10. Jumping In The Fire
11. Amsterdam Dog
12. Something’s Going On


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