Horslips The Belfast Gigs 1980

The Belfast Gigs is the second live album by Irish rock band Horslips.

It was recorded on their farewell tour at the Whitla Hall in Belfast on April 29th & 30th and May 1st 1980.

By this stage, the Horslips sound had toughened up to almost Irish hard rock.

Horslips The Belfast Gigs

Songs On Horslips The Belfast Gigs

1. Trouble (With a Capital T)
2. The Man Who Built America
3. The Warm Sweet Breath of Love
4. The Power and the Glory
5. Blindman
6. Shakin’ All Over
7. King of the Fairies
8. Guests of the Nation
9. Dearg Doom
10. Sword of Light

Playing on the album are:

Charles O’Connor – fiddle, mandolin, vocals
John Fean – guitar, vocals
Jim Lockhart – keyboards, flute
Barry Devlin – bass, vocals
Eamon Carr – drums, percussion

This album has been criticised for being too short as the original LP had nine tracks. Since then Sword of Light has been added as a bonus but it stays a meagre ration compared to the other live albums by Horslips.

While I own it, I’ve been disappointed in it and, before the more recent live albums by the reformed group, I’ve found that Book Of Invasions is what I listened to when I was in the mood for the group.

It is poorly rated at progarchives.com with a score of 2.85 when 3 is good but not essential.


Buying The Belfast Gigs

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What do you think?

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