Horslips Live With The Ulster Orchestra 2011

Horslips Live With The Ulster Orchestra is the fourth live album by Irish prog/folk band Horslips.

It was recorded at the Waterfront inĀ Belfast on March 17, 2011 St Patrick’s Day.

Their last live album, Live At The O2 was recorded in November 2009 so there is about 16 months between them but the involvement of the orchestra made this special enough to be broadcast live by BBC Radio Ulster.

Horslips Live With The Ulster Orchestra

Songs On Horslips Live With The Ulster Orchestra

1. Daybreak
2. The Power And The Glory
3. Fantasia (My Lagan Love)
4. Drive The Cold Winter Away
5. Ride To Hell
6. Sideways To The Sun
7. Dusk
8. Sword Of Light
9. Setanta
10. Maeve’s Court
11. Charolais
12. More Than You Can Chew
13. March Into Trouble
14. Trouble With A Capital T
15. Dearg Doom
16. Rescue Me
17. Ghosts
18. King Of The Fairies
19. I’ll Be Waiting

Playing on the album are Horslips members:

Charles O’Connor – fiddle, mandolin, concertina, vocals
Johnny Fean – guitars, banjo, vocals
Jim Lockhart – keyboards, flute, tin whistles, uilleann pipes, vocals
Barry Devlin – bass guitar, vocals

They were helped out by Paul McAteer on drums.

Plus the Ulster Orchestra conducted by Brian Byrne.


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