Madness Madstock 1992

Madstock is a live album and DVD by Madness.

It was recorded at Finsbury Park, London on the 8th and 9th of August 1992.

Madness Madstock


Songs On Madness Madstock

1 One Step Beyond – 3:29
2 The Prince – 2:32
3 Embarrassment – 3:17
4 My Girl – 2:57
5 The Sun And The Rain – 3:24
6 Grey Day – 4:59
7 It Must Be Love – 3:38
8 Shut Up – 3:28
9 Driving In My Car – 3:22
10 Bed And Breakfast Man – 2:28
11 Close Escape – 2:52
12 Wings Of A Dove – 3:16
13 Our House – 3:31
14 Night Boat To Cairo – 3:43
15 Madness – 3:10
16 House Of Fun – 2:52
17 Baggy Trousers – 2:38
18 The Harder They Come – 5:44

Song details from Discogs.

I find Madness irritating after initial interest in them. The further their career strayed from the ska revival of the 2 Tone days towards their nutty pop sound, the less I liked them. If you want a Madness live album, I recommend their 1980 Hammersmith Odeon show that’s a bonus with the deluxe version of Absolutely.


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