Village People Live And Sleazy 1979

Live And Sleazy is a live album by Village People.

It was released in 1979 and gave the world live versions of their biggest hits. Six of the eleven songs are live with the other five recorded in the studio.

Village People Live And Sleazy

Village People Live And Sleazy

Set List

Fire Island
Hot Cop
Macho Man
In the Navy
Rock and Roll Is Back Again
Ready for the 80’s
Save Me
Save Me (a faster version)

It may not be to everyone’s taste but who hasn’t found themselves shaping out the letters Y M C A at a disco or party?

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Buying Live And Sleazy

To help you to find the album quickly and easily, I’ve given you the following links:

  • as a CD or mp3
  • as a CD or mp3
  • iTunes as a digital download
  • eBay as a CD

It’s still worth checking around on the websites to make sure that there isn’t a more up-to-date or less expensive option.

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