The Specials More Or Less The Specials Live 2011

More Or Less The Specials Live is a live album by The Specials.

It was recorded on their UK and European tour in 2011 and was released in 2012.

While this reunion band didn’t include the main songwriter Jerry Dammers, it did include many of their 1979 band.

the specials more or less

Songs On The Specials More Or Less The Specials Live

CD 1

A Message to You Rudy – 2:43
Do the Dog – 2:13
It’s Up to You – 3:39
Nite Klub – 4:00
Doesn’t Make It Alright – 3:34
Concrete Jungle – 3:09
Too Hot – 2:45
Monkey Man – 2:36
(Dawning of A) New Era – 2:23
Blank Expression – 2:05
Stupid Marriage – 4:33
Too Much Too Young – 1:56
Little Bitch – 2:28
You’re Wondering Now – 3:11

CD 2

Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think) – 3:34
Rat Race – 3:07
Man At C&A – 3:36
Hey Little Rich Girl – 3:36
Do Nothing – 3:32
Pearl’s Cafe – 3:09
Stereotype – 4:30
Ghost Town – 6:07
Friday Night, Saturday Morning – 3:22
International Jet Set – 3:53
Gangsters – 3:03
Guns of Navarone – 2:42

This is a comprehensive list of their songs and packed with their hit singles from 1979 through to 1981.

Members from the 1979 band performing at these concerts:

Terry Hall – vocals
Neville Staple – toasting, vocals
Roddy Radiation – lead guitar, vocals
Lynval Golding – rhythm guitar, vocals
Horace Panter – bass guitar
John Bradbury – drums

Nik Torp – keyboards
Jon Read – trumpet
Tim Smart – trombone
Drew Stansall – saxophone

If you can free your mind of the fact that these are middle aged men (e.g. Terry Hall was 52 years old), then this is a very good performance. An advantage of recording a number of concerts on a tour is that it allows the band to select the live versions that pleased them the most.

The facts that it’s recorded 30 years after their peak, pulls songs from a number of concerts and the band are missing Jerry Dammers means that the album is penalised on my ratings scale for authenticity.

Even considering those issues, this is strongly recommended for anyone who wants a live album by The Specials or who is interested in the British 2 Tone/ska movement in the late 1970s. It gains on the earlier live albums in terms of the stronger set list and the addition of the brass section.

Don’t just stop at The Specials, The Beat, early Madness, Bad Manners and The Selecter are all worth investigating.


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