Manafest Live In Concert

Live In Concert is a live album and DVD by Canadian rapper Manifest. It was released in 2011.

He is a Christian rapper.

Manafest Live In Concert

Songs On Manafest Live In Concert

1. Avalanche (Live)
2. 4-3-2-1 (Live)
3. Top Of The World (Live)
4. No Plan B (Live)
5. Bounce (Live)
6. Impossible (Live)
7. Bring The Ruckus (Live)
8. Fear (Live)
9. Everytime You Run (Live)
10. Renegade (Live)
11. Fire In The Kitchen (Live)
12. The Chase (Live)
1. No Plan B (Live) (DVD)
2. Everytime You Run (Live) (DVD)
3. Bring The Ruckus (Live) (DVD)


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