Live Albums That Didn’t Make The Cut

When I put together my list of favourite live albums, I set a limit of 24 or above in my three part scoring system (set list, performance and atmosphere & authenticity).

Here are the albums that I’ve reviewed that didn’t make the top list but i still think are worth hearing if your a big fan of the particular artist or live albums in general.

Score – 23


Score 22

David Bowie Stage

Pink Floyd Pulse

Queen Live At Wembley

Score – 21

David Bowie David Live

Deep Purple Made In Europe

Score – 20

Pink Floyd Delicate Sound Of Thunder

Score – 19

The Who Who’s Last – I was surprised I ranked this album so highly but it does have a great set list.

Score – 18

6 thoughts on “Live Albums That Didn’t Make The Cut”

  1. Brilliant website – keep up the good work! I just found you following an essential debate with brother down the pub as to best live album of all time which started with metal albums but soon expanded to all genres.
    To make a quick contribution I have two new entrants you might want to investigate. First the godlike genius of Mr Terry Reid (he who famously turned down BOTH the lead vocalist role in Led Zep/ the New Yardbirds, instead introducing Jimmy to a mate of his, one Robert Plant) and subsequently passed up Gillan’s job in Deep Purple as well. Oops! What remains of Terry’s recorded career is a tantalising gimpse of arguably Britain’s greatest ever rock/soul singer. His monicker as ‘superlungs’ himself is evidenced on the 1970 recording ‘Silver White Light’ live at Isle of Wight where, arguably he gave both Taste and Hendrix a run for their money in the way he rocked out towards the end of his set. For a video taste of Terry live, check out the YouTube recording of ‘Dean’ live at Glastonbury 2 years later, where he is accompanied by Linda Lewis in an amazing duet, which so far I have not been able to find on any album. Recently rediscovered by Jack White who covered Rich Kid Blues and Rod Zombie, using Terry’s music as soundtrack to his film The Devil’s Rejects – the time for recognition for this amazing artist is well overdue.
    My second recommendation will speak for itself. Set List by The Frames showcases the live set of Ireland’s most exciting live band and shows that they are not, as described, destined to be always Ireland’s second best band but are infinitely more passionate and gifted than that boring lot whose worst live album both rattles and hums! Glen Hansard in post-Commitments phase was one of the most gifted and passionate singer-songwriters of all time and this album truly rocks as well as speaking intimately to the heart. My favorite live album of all time. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your great comment on the live albums you like.

      I’m aware of Terry Reid although I don’t know the album you recommend.

      I have to admit that I haven’t heard of The Frames. I listened to the samples available from Amazon and it does sound good with plenty of live atmosphere.

  2. Two that I didn’t see on your list was “Guess Who Live at the Paramount”, a really fresh look at the band including a 16-minute version of ‘American Woman’ and a great version of ‘Truckin off across the Sky’. Shouldn’t be missed. The other is ‘Golden Earring: The Naked Truth”. It’s a live acoustic album that’s probably the BEST acoustic rock live album I’ve ever heard.

  3. I agree absolutely on the Golden Earring suggestion. This is the absolute Acoustic Live cd !

    And then, as we are talking about Dutch bands, some say, and I would agree, that The Nits’ URK live double CD is the absolute LIVE ALBUM. A monster live album that is hard to match…
    Love this site,
    Derek from Paris,

    1. Thanks for your comment Derek.

      I should have a separate poll for these unplugged albums. I think it’s very interesting to hear some of the songs transformed.

      Thanks for reminding me about Golden Earring. I was shocked to discover that I don’t have any of their live albums featured on here as I’ve had the live album from 1977 in my collection for many years and saw them at the Reading Festival in August 1978 (I think). It’s a shame they are not better known in the UK and the USA, except of course for “Radar Love”.

      Thanks also for the tip about the Nits. I’d never heard of them but I’m investigating Urk. Sadly it’s not available as a digital download on itunes or amazon here in the uk so people will find it difficult to hear samples.

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