Burning Spear Live 1977

Burning Spear Live is a live album by reggae great Burning Spear aka Winston Rodney.

It was recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London in October 1977 and the album was released later the same year.

Burning Spear Live 1977

Songs On Burning Spear Live

  1. The Ghost (Marcus Garvey) – 4:40 (originally on the studio album Garvey’s Ghost / Marcus Garvey)
  2. I And I Survive (Slavery Days) – 4:18 (Garvey’s Ghost / Marcus Garvey)
  3. Black Soul – 5:38 (Man In The Hills)
  4. Lion – 6:05 (Man In The Hills)
  5. Further East Of Jack (Old Marcus Garvey) – 4:54 (Garvey’s Ghost / Marcus Garvey)
  6. Man In The Hills – 4:55 (Man In The Hills)
  7. Throw Down Your Arms – 3:15 (Dry & Heavy)

The album Garvey’s Ghost is a dub version of the Marcus Garvey album which makes the song titles a little confusing.


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