Rush Live Albums

Casual Rush fans need to decide which period of music appeals most to them when choosing a live album by Rush.

The Rush Live Albums With Most Praise

The three best regarded albums are:

All The World’s A Stage

Exit Stage Left

Rush In Rio

The Other Rush Live Albums

The other live albums by Rush are:

1974 – ABC 1974

1974 – Rush Live at Agora Ballroom

1978/97 – Different Stages

1984 – Grace Under Pressure Tour


Other Unofficial Rush Live Albums

I believe that different copyright laws in the UK mean that a couple of old recordings become available through official sources like Amazon.

ABC 1974

A very early Rush recording featuring songs from their first album.

Listen the the mp3 samples of the songs at

Rush Live at Agora Ballroom

Another very early Rush concert from August 1974 featuring Fly By Night

Listen the the mp3 samples of the songs at

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What is The Best Rush Live Album?

I have put together a poll to find out what fans believe is the best live album by Rush. Please vote.

What Are The FOUR Best Live Albums By Rush? (Click on the links to go to the reviews)

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Are there too many live albums by Rush? Which do you think is the best?

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