What Are The Best Live Albums By The Jam Bands?

Some bands love to jam live in concert` and have built a devoted following by drawing on psychedelic rock, blues rock, southern rock, country and folk music, jazz, progressive rock and world music.

In many ways this is a battle between the two main jam bands, the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band but you shouldn’t ignore the contributions of Phish, Widespread Panic, Dave Matthews Band, Gov’t Mule, the Derek Trucks Band and the many spin-offs from the Grateful Dead.

What Are The Best Live Albums By The Jam Bands?

What Are the Best FIVE Live Albums By The Jam Bands?

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I’ve tried to pick representative albums from the bands. To help cut down the number of Grateful Dead albums included, I’ve restricted the choice to the most popular of the single concert or single residency (selections from concerts at a venue on a run of days and nights). This takes out of the equation both Live/Dead and Europe ’72.

The Jam Bands – Individual Artist Best Live Albums Polls

If you want to delve deeper into another of these bands, I have individual polls:

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