Abba Live At Wembley Arena 1979

Live At Wembley Arena is the second live album by Abba with the full concert from 10 November 1979 in London finally released. This was the sixth night the group had played at the venue on the tour to promote the Voulez-Vous album.

At this stage, Abba were the biggest pop band in the world excluding the United States of America. For some reason, they remained resistant to the charms of Abba apart from a few singles like Dancing Queen and Take A Chance On Me. Elsewhere Abba had a lot of top 5 singles with many going all the way to the top.

Some of these songs have previously appeared on Abba Live but on that album, there was some fixing up in the studio.

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Abba Live 1979

Abba Live is a live compilation album by Swedish pop group Abba. Most of the tracks come from the 1979 performances at Wembley Arena in London.

In 2014 Abba Live At Wembley was released.

It also includes songs from the 1977 tour of Australia and four tracks from 1981 recorded for the Dick Clavett TV show.

Abba Live

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