Spirit Salvation The Spirit of 74

Salvation: The Spirit of 74 is a three CD collection of songs by Spirit including two CDs worth of live performances from 1974 at:

  • Agora Ballroom, Cleveland,
  • Ebbetts Field, Denver, Colorado
  • Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas

Disc 3 has songs recorded in the studio in  1974 and 1975 for the long lost Spirit Of Salvation album.

Spirit Salvation The Spirit of 74

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Songs On Spirit Salvation The Spirit of 74

1. Veruska (Live)
2. Storm In The Night (Live)
3. Like A Rolling Stone (Live)
4. I’ve Got To Use My Imagination (Live)
5. Fresh Garbage (Live)
6. Devil (Live)
7. Kristee (Live)
8. My Road (Live)
9. Old Blue (Live)
10. Joker On The Run (Live)
11. So Little Time To Fly (Live)
12. All Along The Watchtower (Live)
13. I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction) (Live)
14. Same Old Thing, Urantia (Live)
15. Downer (Live)
16. Hey Joe (Live)
17. Guide Me (Live)
18. Electro Jam > Mr Skin (Live)
19. Run Sinner Run (Live)
20. Sunrise (Live)
21. Cripple Creek (Live)
22. It’s All The Same (Live)
23. I Got A Line On You (Live)
24. Ebbetts Crowd (Live)
25. Doin’ Fine (Live)
26. Veruska (Live)
27. Victim Of Society (Live)
28. On The Road Again (Live)
29. Happy (Live)
30. Goin’ Down (Live)
31. All Along The Watchtower (Live)
32. Sunrise
33. Kathy
34. I’ve Got To Use My Imagination
35. Looking Into Darkness
36. Neptune Caper
37. Positively 4th Street
38. Jimmy Brown
39. Wake Up America
40. Family
41. Magic Fairy Princess
42. Cass Drums
43. Salvation
44. Maharaji Speaks
45. Holy Man
46. Maybe You’ll Find
47. Future In My Hands
48. You’re So Beautiful
49. Circle
50. It’s Time Now
51. So Happy Now
52. Miss Lani
53. Sparkling Sands
54. High With You
55. Seven Fires
56. Bad Luck And Trouble

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