Steppenwolf Live 1970

Steppenwolf Live is a live album by Steppenwolf.

It was recorded at various concerts in early 1970.

Steppenwolf Live

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Songs On Steppenwolf Live

1. Sookie Sookie – 3:10
2. Don’t Step On The Grass, Sam – 6:07
3. Tighten Up Your Wig – 4:13
4. Monster – 9:55
5. Draft Resister – 3:46
6. Power Play – 5:41
7. Corina, Corina – 3:48
8. Twisted – 5:02
9. From Here To There Eventually – 6:41
10. Hey Lawdy Mama – 2:58
11. Magic Carpet Ride – 4:15
12. The Pusher – 5:59
13. Born To Be Wild – 5:42

Wikipedia confirms that this isn’t the live album that it claims to be. Hey Lawdy Mama was recorded in the studio but edited merge into a live version of Magic Carpet Ride.
Twisted and Corrina, Corrina were both recorded in the studio but then made to match the sound of the rest of the album with audience sounds dubbed into the beginning and of the tracks.

These amendments will be penalised when I rate the album for atmosphere and authenticity but it will gain in the set list and / or performance ratings since the album is better with these songs.


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