The Who Live At Hull 1970

Live At Hull by The Who is a sister album to Live At Leeds.

I haven’t heard it and at the moment I don’t want to hear it.

The Who Live At Hull

In fact I am objecting to the commercial exploitation of loyal and dedicated fans of The Who who paid a lot of money to buy a new copy of the Live At Leeds box set to get the live recording of the Hull concert, only for it to be released as a separate CD.

We’ve already got Live At Leeds recorded in 1970.

We’ve also got the 1970 Live At The Isle Of Wight performance with a very similar set list.

Here is The Who performing Substitute at that festival.

Most of us don’t need Live At Hull.

I’m sure it’s great but it’s not necessary.

I want some of the live recordings from 1973 to 1977 released. I want to hear the songs from Quadrophenia and The Who By Numbers live.

Rant over.

It’s your turn now.

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Other Live Albums By The Who

1970 – Live At Leeds

1970 – Live At The Isle Of Wight

1971 – Live At The Young Vic

Unfortunately there is a shortage of other live albums recorded with the original drummer Keith Moon.

The best of the later live albums by The Who without Keith Moon is From the Blues To The Bush from 1999.

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