The Who Greatest Hits Live

Greatest Hits Live is a compilation of The Who‘s best known songs played live in concert spanning over 40 years from 1965 to 2009.

The Who Greatest Hits Live

The Who Greatest Hits LiveSet List

Disc one

  1. I Can’t Explain – 2:32 – 1971 (single)
  2. Substitute – 2:10 –  1971 (single)
  3. Happy Jack – 2:12 – 1970 (single)
  4. I’m a Boy – 2:42 – 1970 (single)
  5. Behind Blue Eyes – 3:39 – 1971 (Who’s Next)
  6. Pinball Wizard– 2:48 – 1976 (Tommy)
  7. I’m Free – 1:44 – 1976 (Tommy)
  8. Squeeze Box – 2:51 – 1976 (The Who By Numbers)
  9. Naked Eye/Let’s See Action/My Generation Blues – 14:19 – 1974
  10. 5:15 – 5:53 – 1973 (Quadrophenia)
  11. Won’t Get Fooled Again  – 8:38 – 1973 (Who’s Next)
  12. Magic Bus – 7:33 – 1970 (previously released on Live At Leeds)
  13. My Generation – 3:25 – 1965 (Previously released on BBC Sessions)

Disc two

  1. I Can See for Miles– 3:45 – 1989 (The Who Sell Out)
  2. Join Together – 5:09 – 1989 (single)
  3. Love, Reign O’er Me – 5:53 – 1989 (Quadrophenia)
  4. Baba O’Riley – 5:16 – 1989 (Who’s Next)
  5. Who Are You – 6:22 – 1989 (Who Are You)
  6. The Real Me – 6:44 – 2002 (Quadrophenia)
  7. The Kids Are Alright – 4:03 – 2002 (The Who Play My Generation)
  8. Eminence Front – 5:50 – 2009 (It’s Hard)
  9. A Man in a Purple Dress – 4:28 – 2007 (Endless Wire)

I’m not convinced by this album although all rock fans need some music by The Who in their music collection.

Many of these songs appear regularly on live albums by The Who. While the versions may be slightly different, The Who don’t mix things up that much.

My view on the Who live is that the best stuff is with Keith Moon so that must have been recorded before 7 September 1978 when he died. Virtually all their great songs were written by then. The first CD should be a much better listen than the second although the second has some of their best songs.

The 1989 will sound strange because The Who toured America with a large brass section to jazz up the oldies for the 20th anniversary of Tommy. It’s captured on their live album Join Together.

What I think would have been much more interesting is a Rarities Live album giving the fans some of the more unusual songs that The Who have played live and recorded.

Here is a video of The Who performing Won’t Get Fooled Again in concert in 1978. This was one of the last performances with Keith Moon.

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