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Who’s Next is one of the greatest classic rock albums but is it possible to get a live version of the album?

Unfortunately the answer is No. Both Song Is Over and Going Mobile are missing.

The story behind Who’s Next is that flushed with the success of Tommy, Pete Townshend wanted to do an even more complicated concept called Lifehouse which was abandoned.

Townshend had written some great songs and Who’s Next appeared as a salvage operation to get some kind of album released as a follow up to Tommy.

For those who believe the real Who ended with the death of drummer, Keith Moon, the cut-off date is 7 September 1978.

1 – Baba O’Riley – 5:01

2 – Bargain – 5:33

3 – Love Ain’t for Keeping – 2:10

4 – My Wife – 3:35

5 – The Song Is Over – 6:17

Not recorded live.

6 – Getting in Tune – 4:49

7 – Going Mobile – 3:43

Never played live by The Who

8 – Behind Blue Eyes – 3:42

9 – Won’t Get Fooled Again – 8:35

What Other People Say About the Studio Version Of Who’s Next

I have linked to the deluxe version of Who’s Next which has the advantage of including the recording of the concert at the Young Vic in 1971.


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