The Who The Kids Are Alright 1965 to 1978

The Kids Are Alright is a film and live soundtrack album by The Who. The recordings range from July 1965 through to May 1978.

When it was released back in 1979, fans were extremely grateful to have more live recordings from the band. Incredibly we only had the original six track Live At Leeds. Since then many more live recordings have been released including other compilations.

The Who The Kids Are Alright

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Songs On The Who The Kids Are Alright

There are plenty of their early hit singles here plus the first officially released live recordings from songs from Who’s Next.

  1. My Generation – 4:28
  2. I Can’t Explain – 2:01
  3. Happy Jack – 2:11
  4. I Can See For Miles – 4:15
  5. Magic Bus – 3:22
  6. Long Live Rock – 3:56 (Odds & Sods)
  7. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere – 2:49
  8. Young Man Blues – 5:43
  9. My Wife – 5:58 (Who’s Next)
  10. Baba O’Riley – 5:25 (Who’s Next)
  11. A Quick One While He’s Away – 7:24 (A Quick One)
  12. Tommy Can You Hear Me? – 1:45 (Tommy)
  13. Sparks – 3:00 (Tommy)
  14. Pinball Wizard – 2:47 (Tommy)
  15. See Me, Feel Me – 5:19 (Tommy)
  16. Join Together / Roadrunner/My Generation Blues – 9:51
  17. Won’t Get Fooled Again – 9:20 (Who’s Next)

Tracks 1, 4 Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Version September 1967
Track 2 Twickenham Fil Studios 3August 1965
Track 3 Leeds University 14 February 1970
Track 5 Beat-Club 12 October 1968
Track 6 Olympia Studios, London 5 June 1972
Track 7 Ready Steady Go 1 July 1965
Track 8 Coliseum London 14 December 1969
Track 9 Gaumont Theatre, Kilburn 15 December 1977
Tracks 10, 17 Shepperton Studos 25 May 1978
Track 11 Rock And Roll Circus Version 11 December 1968
Track 12 Beat Club 27 September 1969
Tracks 13 to 15 Woodstock 17 August 1969
Track 16 Pontiac Silverdome 6 December 1975

There’s some great music on here but I’ve always been disappointed by it as an album. It doesn’t feel like a concert and the order of the tracks jumps around too much. I still hope that there is a really great live concert recording from the mid 1970s.


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