The Who View From A Backstage Pass

View From A Backstage Pass is a live compilation album by The Who released in 2007 to subscribers of

The Who View From A Backstage Pass

The Who View From A Backstage PassSet List

Disc one

  1. Fortune Teller – 1969 (single)
  2. Happy Jack – 1970 (single)
  3. I’m a Boy – 1970 (single)
  4. A Quick One, While He’s Away – 1970 (A Quick One)
  5. Magic Bus – 1970 (single)
  6. I Can’t Explain – 1971 (single)
  7. Substitute – 1971 (single)
  8. My Wife – 1971 (Who’s Next)
  9. Behind Blue Eyes – 1971 (Who’s Next)
  10. Bargain – 1971 (Who’s Next)
  11. Baby Don’t You Do It – 1971

Disc two

  1. The Punk and the Godfather – 1973 (Quadrophenia)
  2. 5:15 – 1973 (Quadrophenia)
  3. Won’t Get Fooled Again – 1973 (Who’s Next)
  4. Young Man Blues – 1974
  5. Tattoo – 1974 (single)
  6. Boris The Spider – 1974 (A Quick One)
  7. Naked Eye/Let’s See Action/My Generation Blues – 1974
  8. Squeeze Box – 1976 (The Who By Numbers)
  9. Dreaming from the Waist – 1976 (The Who By Numbers)
  10. Fiddle About – 1976 (Tommy)
  11. Pinball Wizard – 1976 (Tommy)
  12. I’m Free – 1976 (Tommy)
  13. Tommy’s Holiday Camp – 1976 (Tommy)
  14. We’re Not Gonna Take It – 1976 (Tommy)
  15. See Me, Feel Me/Listening To You – 1976 (Tommy)

There aren’t many surprises in this list although it’s good to see The Punk and the Godfather and the two selections from The Who By Numbers.

I find this frustrating.

I don’t want snippets of mid 70s concerts by the Who thrown together in a live compilation. I want the following concerts that this album draws from to be made available in their entirety:

  • Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California, 13 December 1971
  • Capital Centre, Largo, Maryland 6 December 1973
  • Charlton Athletic Football Club, South London,18 May 1974
  • Vetch Field, Swansea, Wales, 12 June 1976

I think it’s great to hear the way the entire concert is paced and builds to a climax.

Here is a video of The Who performing Dreaming From The Waist in 1975.

Buying The Who View From A Backstage Pass

This is going to be quite hard to find because of its limited release.

You can try

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2 thoughts on “The Who View From A Backstage Pass”

  1. Hi,
    I so want to buy “View from a backstage Pass” – The Who (double live cd).
    I have found it somewhere (can’t remember where!) and it costs $900!!!
    Way out of my price range.
    However, it was listed on Discogs and I dithered for too long and missed my chance.

    1. Yes it gets frustrating when these rarer CDs appear at a reasonable price and then disappear.

      I wish The Who would get their act together an realise that there is a market for prime time live recordings with Roger, Pete, John and Keith. I hope the success of the 1968 Fillmore recording will open up the vault for the early and mid 1970s recordings.

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