Ted Nugent Live at Hammersmith ’79

Ted Nugent Live at Hammersmith ’79 is a recording made for King Biscuit Flower Hour of a 1979 Ted Nugent concert in London.

While the album wasn’t released until 1997, the recording positions it between Nugent’s first and second live albums, Double Live Gonzo and Intensities In 10 Cities.

This is one of the early gigs with Charlie Huhn as the new lead singer replacing Derek St. Holmes who was with Ted Nugent during his peak years in the late seventies.

Ted Nugent Live at Hammersmith ’79

Ted Nugent Live at Hammersmith '79Ted Nugent Live at Hammersmith ’79 Set List

  1. Stormtroopin’ – 5:57 (first appeared on Ted Nugent)
  2. Just What the Doctor Ordered – 4:57 (Ted Nugent)
  3. Free-for-All – 8:17 (Free-for-All)
  4. Dog Eat Dog – 5:52 (Free-for-All)
  5. Cat Scratch Fever – 4:08 (Cat Scratch Fever)
  6. Need You Bad – 5:17 (Weekend Warrior)
  7. Paralyzed – 5:03 (State Of Shock)
  8. It Don’t Matter – 3:19 (State Of Shock)
  9. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang – 8:05 (Cat Scratch Fever)
  10. Stranglehold/Smokescreen – 10:29 (Ted Nugent/Weekend Warrior)
  11. Motor City Madhouse – 10:10 (Ted Nugent)
  12. Gonzo – 3:57 (first recorded on Double Live Gonzo)

There’s significant crossover between this album and Double Live Gonzo but this has first time live recordings for Free-for-All, Dog Eat Dog, Need You Bad, Paralyzed and It Don’t Matter. It also has a version of Stranglehold that merges into Smokescreen.

The band at this stage was:

Ted Nugent – guitar, percussion, vocals
Charlie Huhn – guitar, vocals
Steve McRay – keyboards
Dave Kiswiney – bass
Cliff Davies – drums, background vocals
Tom Werman – percussion

What People Say About Live at Hammersmith ’79 by Ted Nugent

Unlike Double Live Gonzo and Intensities in 10 Cities, I haven’t seen this featured in any best live albums ever lists.

Some of the Amazon reviewers are very enthusiastic about this live Ted Nugent album.


Buying Ted Nugent Live at Hammersmith ’79

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