13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost 1967

Live Evolution Lost is a live album by the 13th Floor Elevators.

It was recorded at the Houston Music Theatre Texas on February 18, 1967.

13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost

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Songs On 13th Floor Elevators Live Evolution Lost

Disc: 1
1. (I’ve Got) Levitation (03:31)
2. Rolle Coaster (05:34)
3. Fire Engine (03:31)
4. Reverberation (Doubt) (04:06)
5. Don’t Fall Down (03:38)
6. Tried To Hide (04:13)
7. Splash 1 (04:32)
8. You’re Gonna Miss Me (04:27)
9. Monkey Island (03:47)
10. Kingdom Of Heaven (04:17)
11. She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) (03:26)

Disc: 2
1. Jam Intro (01:22)
2. Jam 1 – Roll Over Blue Suede Blues Jam (07:08)
3. Jam 2 – Backwards Evolution Jam (04:47)
4. Jam 3 – Ed’s Esoteric Jazz Jam (11:20)
5. Jam 4 – (It’s All Over Now) Baby Blue Jam (06:42)
6. Jam 5 – She Lives Jam (05:28)
7. Jam 6 – Hamburgers & Acid (04:14)


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