Charlie Parker Complete Live Performances on Savoy September 29 1947 to October 25 1950

The Complete Live Performances on Savoy September 29 1947 to October 25 1950 is a collection of live recordings by Charlie Parker.

Many of these were recorded at the Royal Roost in New York in 1948 and 1949. There is also the 1947 Carnegie Hall concert with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie and a Chicago concert from 1950.

If you don’t want to get the 4 CD boxset, there is also the option of the Best Of The Complete Savoy Live Performances.

While this is billed as the “complete” I should point out that it misses the Symphony Sid announcements on the Royal Roost sessions, some of which had Parker playing in the background.

Charlie Parker Complete Live Performances on Savoy

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Songs On Charlie Parker Complete Live Performances on Savoy

CD 1

52nd Street Theme – 5:22
Koko – 2:31
Groovin’ High – 5:01
Big Foot – 4:43
Ornithology – 5:43
Slow Boat to China – 5:19
Hot House – 4:24
Salt Peanuts – 3:52
Chasin’ the Bird – 4:25
Out of Nowhere – 3:19
How High the Moon – 2:57
Half Nelson – 4:44
White Christmas – 5:09
Little Willie Leaps – 3:53
Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid/Be-Bop – 5:03
Slow Boat to China – 4:29

CD 2

Ornithology – 4:52
Groovin’ High – 5:35
East of the Sun (And West of the Moon) – 4:37
Cheryl – 4:39
How High the Moon – 5:03
Scrapple from the Apple – 4:08
Be-Bop – 3:31
Hot House – 5:06
Oop Bop Sh’ Bam – 5:04
Scrapple from the Apple – 4:38
Salt Peanuts – 4:09
Groovin’ High – 3:44
Scrapple from the Apple – 3:28
Barbados – 3:51
Salt Peanuts – 3:42
Scrapple from the Apple – 4:52

CD 3

Barbados – 3:55
Be-Bop – 3:28
Groovin’ High – 4:47
Confirmation – 3:34
Salt Peanuts – 3:54
Half-Nelson – 3:42
A Night in Tunisia – 4:53
Scrapple from the Apple – 4:58
Deedle – 2:38
What’s This? – 2:15
Cheryl – 3:48
Anthropology – 5:50
Hurry Home – 2:27
Deedle – 2:05
Royal Roost Bop – 2:12
Cheryl – 3:24
Slow Boat to China – 4:41
Chasin’ the Bird – 6:36

CD 4

There’s a Small Hotel – 10:13
These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) – 2:06
Keen and Peachy – 6:29
Hot House – 9:06
Swivel Hips (Bird, Bass and Out) – 3:37
Goodbye – 3:13
A Night in Tunisia – 5:09
Dizzy Atmosphere – 4:04
Groovin’ High – 5:13
Confirmation – 5:34
Koko – 4:09

The more Charlie Parker live recordings you can have from the 1940s the better, right?

I’m not so sure because these big compilations don’t suit me as well as single CDs. It’s a mental block but I struggle to get to know them well enough to really appreciate the music unless I can break them up in some way.

Inevitably there’s duplication of songs. I understand the argument that they are different because of the improvisations but I don’t like hearing repeats packaged close together.

That said, the recordings are very good from the late 1940s and Parker is brilliant.

These is a convenient way to buy live Charlie Parker but there’s an argument for trying other versions of the Royal Roost performances and the songs with Dizzy Gillespie are on an album called Diz n Bird at Carnegie Hall with plenty of extra songs from Gillespie’s big band.


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