Jill Scott Experience Jill Scott 826+ 2001

Experience: Jill Scott 826+ is a live album by Jill Scott.

Most of it was recorded live at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. on August 26, 2001. (The 826 in the title refers to the date and the + points to the bonus material included).

The album was released in November 2001.

Experience: Jill Scott 826+

Songs On Experience: Jill Scott 826+

Disc: 1 (826)
1. Show Intro
2. A Long Walk
3. Love Rain
4. Slowly Surely
5. One is the Magic #
6. Do You Remember
7. Getting’ In The Way
8. It’s Love
9. The Way
10. Fatback Taffy
11. He Loves Me

Disc: 2 (+)
1. Free (Prelude)
2. Gotta Get Up (Another Day) (feat. 4Hero)
3. One Time
4. Sweet Justice
5. Thickness
6. High Post Brotha (feat. Common)
7. Gimme
8. Be Ready
9. Free – Epilogue


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