Todd Rundgren Liars & Liars Live

Liars is a studio album by Todd Rundgren and it’s sold with a live DVD.

todd rundgren liars & liars live

Songs On Todd Rundgren Liars & Liars Live

CD Liars
1. Truth
2. Sweet
3. Happy Anniversary
4. Soul Brother
5. Stood Up
6. Mammon
7. Future
8. Past
9. Wondering
10. Flaw
11. Afterlife
12. Living
13. God Said
14. Liar

DVD Liars Live
1. I Hate My Frickin’ I.S.P
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3. God Said
4. Liar
5. Soul Brother
6. Flaw
7. Sweet
8. Past
9. Love Science
10. Prelude
11. Born to Synthesize
12. Truth
13. Feel It
14. Buffalo Grass
15. The Want of a Nail
16. Mammon
17. Hello It’s Me
18. Fascist Christ
19. Just One Victory

Buying Liars & Liars Live

It is available from

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