The Boys Of The Lough Live At Passim 1974

Live At Passim is a live album by The Boys Of The Lough.

It was recorded in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 17, 18 and 19 November 1974.

The Boys Of The Lough Live At Passim


Songs On The Boys Of The Lough Live At Passim

  1. The Kinkora Jig / Behind The Haystack
  2. The Daydawn / Pit Hame Da Borrowed Claes / Da Fashion O’da Delting Lasses / Da Peerie House Under Da Hill
  3. General Guinness
  4. The Boys Of Twenty-Five / The Boyne Hunt / Chase Her Through The Garden
  5. The Flower Of Magherally
  6. The Hound And The Hare
  7. The Cameron Highlanders / The Balkan Hills / The Atholl And Breadalbane Gathering
  8. The New Set
  9. The Shores Of Lough Bran
  10. Ar Eirinn Ni’Neosfainn Ce Hi (For Ireland I’d Not Tell Her Name) / The Whinny Hills Ofi Leitrim / Another Jig Will Do
  11. The Darling Baby
  12. The Oak Tree / The Nine Points Of Roguery


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