Fairground Attraction Kawasaki Live in Japan 02.07.89

Kawasaki Live in Japan 02.07.89 is a live album by Fairground Attraction.

Is this folk, light jazz or pop? I’m classing it as folk because, apart from the enduring appeal of the song Perfect, I don’t think they stayed in the mainstream long enough to be classed as a pop group.

Fairground Attraction Kawasaki Live in Japan 02.07.89

Fairground Attraction Kawasaki Live in Japan 02.07.89

Set List

Winter Rose/Allelujah – 4:31
The Waltz Continues – 3:37
The Moon is Mine/Get Happy (Medley) – 6:02
Don’t Be A Stranger – 3:22
Dangerous – 4:01
I know Why The Willows Weep – 5:36
Home To The Heartache – 4:30
Fear Is The Enemy Of Love – 4:19
Find My Love – 6:10
Broken By A Breeze – 5:01
Whispers – 4:31
Goodbye To Songtown – 4:46
Fairground Attraction – 4:07
Clare – 6:04
Perfect – 5:35
Moon On The Rain – 4:04

The band at this stage was:

Eddi Reader — vocals
Mark E. Nevin — electric and acoustic guitars
Simon Edwards — guitarrón (that’s Mexican for a large guitar)
Roy Dodds — drums

I’ve got a soft spot for Fairground Attraction and this is a nice sounding album.

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