Pentangle Sweet Child 1968

Sweet Child is a half live and half studio double album by British folk group Pentangle.

The live album was recorded at Royal Festival Hall in London on June 29, 1968. It was released in December 1968 with twelve tracks. Since then, seven more songs were added when the CD was released.

Pentangle Sweet Child

Pentangle Sweet Child

Set List

Market Song
No More My Lord
Turn Your Money Green
Hatian Fight Song
A Woman Like You
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Three Dances Brentzel Gay La Rotta The Earl Of Salisbury
Watch The Stars
So Early In The Spring
No Exit
The Time Has Come
Bruton Town
Hear My Call
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
Travelling Song
Way Behing The Sun
John Donne Song

Playing at the concert were:
Jacqui McShee – vocals
Bert Jansch – guitar, vocals
John Renbourn – guitar, vocals
Danny Thompson – double bass
Terry Cox – drums, glockenspiel, vocals

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