Family Live 1971

Family Live is a live album by art rock group Family (including singer Roger Chapman) from a concert in November 1971 when the band were promoting the Fearless album.

Family Live

Family Live

Set List

  1. Good News – Bad News – 8:23 (Anyway)
  2. Spanish Tide – 4:13 (Fearless)
  3. Part Of The Load – 9:28 (Anyway)
  4. Drowned In Wine – 4:12 (A Song for Me)
  5. Holding The Compass – 4:05 (Anyway)
  6. Between Blue And Me – 5:28 (Fearless)
  7. Children – 2:40 (Fearless)
  8. In My Own Time – 3:26
  9. Take Your Partners – 6:21 (Fearless)
  10. Weavers Answer – 8:25 (Family Entertainment)

Family were a group that changed members regularly but this is the band on this album:

Roger Chapman: vocals, guitars
Charlie Whitney: lead guitars
John “Poli” Palmer: keyboards, vibes, vocals, flute
John Wetton: bass guitar, vocals
Rob Townsend: drums

Chapman’s vocals are a bit of an acquired tasted and I find a little bit of Family can go a long way but when I’m in the right mood, I really enjoy listening to this unique rock band.

In My Own Time from 1971

Weavers Answer from 1970

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