Genesis Live Over Europe 2007

Live Over Europe 2007 is a live album by Genesis recorded on their European tour in 2007.

Genesis have moved along way from their prog rock days of the early 1970s with Peter Gabriel. This album makes a good attempt at summarising and reconciling their history although it avoids the more extreme progressive rock numbers.

But let’s face it, we want Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett back for those, don’t we?

Genesis Live Over Europe 2007

Genesis Live Over Europe 2007

Set List

Disc 1:

  1. Duke’s Intro – 3:49
  2. Turn It On Again – 4:26
  3. No Son Of Mine – 6:57
  4. Land Of Confusion – 5:11
  5. In The Cage – 13:30
  6. Afterglow – 4:27
  7. Hold On My Heart – 5:58
  8. Home By The Sea – 11:58
  9. Follow You Follow Me – 4:19
  10. Firth Of Fifth – 4:39
  11. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) – 6:45

Disc 2:

  1. Mama – 6:57
  2. Ripples – 7:57
  3. Throwing It All Away – 6:01
  4. Domino – 11:34
  5. Conversations With 2 Stools – 6:48
  6. Los Endos – 6:24
  7. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight – 3:49
  8. Invisible Touch – 5:35
  9. I Can’t Dance – 6:11
  10. Carpet Crawlers – 6:00

I would have preferred more from 1973 to ’76 but the poppy songs sound better when you know that there is a more complicated song appearing soon.

Genesis Live In Europe vs Compilation Albums vs Studio Albums

This is a career retrospective so it’s difficult to make a direct comparison with studio albums by Genesis. My personal favourites are Foxtrot, Selling England By The Pound and Trick Of The Tail from 1972 to ’76.

I can’t imagine being satisfied with a Genesis compilation album and certainly not one that would be issued. I could compile a best of from downloadable mp3s.

It has the advantage of providing a comprehensive summary but I believe Genesis sound better recorded live. There is a tendency for their sound to become to pristine in the studio and it loses impact.

Unless you really like the poppy stuff from Invisible Touch and We Can’t Dance, a good career summary can be had from picking up their first three live albums:

  • Genesis Live from 1973 – very much when they were prog rock stars
  • Seconds Out from 1976/77 – recorded after Genesis had made the potential tricky switch from Peter Gabriel to Phil Collins as lead singer. Who would have guessed that they would sound so similar?
  • Three Sides Live – by this stage Genesis had made the switch to more straightforward songs.

There is a Genesis reader’s poll to help you to get the best of your experience with Genesis. The details are below.

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