Genesis The Way We Walk Volume Two The Longs 1992

The Way We Walk Volume Two: The Longs is the second live album to come from the 1992 tour to promote the studio album We Can’t Dance.

It was recorded at Niedersachsenstadion in Hannover, Germany on 10 July 1992 and 13 July 1992.

It compliments The Way We Walk Volume 1: The Shorts which had live versions of many of their hit singles.

Genesis The Way We Walk Volume Two The Longs

Songs On Genesis The Way We Walk Volume Two The Longs

1. Old Medley: Dance On A Volcano – Lamb Lies Down On Broadway – The Musical Box – Firth Of Fifth – I Know What I Like
2. Driving the Last Spike (from We Can’t Dance)
3. Domino: Part I and II (Invisible Touch)
4. Fading Lights (We Can’t Dance)
5. Home By the Sea/Second Home By The Sea (from the 1983 album called Genesis)
6. Drum Duet

The Old Medley brings together elements from A Trick Of The Tail, Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Nursery Cryme and Selling England By The Pound.

I’m puzzled at why Genesis thought it would be a good idea to split the 1992 live album into two separate releases. If they accept that Genesis fans fall into two sections – prog rock and classic rock – and they were trying to appeal to both, then it would appear that there concerts were designed to please half the people half the time.

Even if this album is designed to appeal to prog fans, the contents won’t be known by many of those who turned away from Genesis when Peter Gabriel or Steve Hackett left.

In my opinion, this is very professional and it’s OK but the Old Medley whets the appetite for the old classics and then fails to deliver. to the extent that Seconds Out and Genesis Live do.

On the brighter side, the album shows that the band haven’t rejected their prog rock roots altogether and these songs sound better than you might imagine. In some ways, it helps not having the pop rock songs breaking up the flow.

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