Genesis Live At The Rainbow 1973

Live at the Rainbow 1973 is a live album by progressive rock group Genesis that is included in the Genesis Live 1973–2007 box set.

This captures Genesis promoting the fantastic Selling England By The Pound studio album. In my opinion this is one of the greatest progressive rock albums so how well do the songs sound live?

It also has their prog rock anthem, Supper’s Ready with Peter Gabriel. Phil Collins did a great job on Seconds Out but it’s great to have the original.

This Rainbow concert is available as a CD and a DVD in the box-set. Unfortunately the DVD has two extra tracks.

Some of these songs also appear on the Genesis Archive 1967 – 1975 box set which is available for mp3 download so you can pick and choose the songs you want.

Genesis Live At The Rainbow 1973

Genesis Live At The Rainbow 1973

Set List

  1. Watcher of the Skies – 8:01 (DVD only) (Foxtrot)
  2. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight – 9:05 (Selling England By The Pound)
  3. The Cinema Show – 11:05 (Selling England By The Pound)
  4. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) – 5:23 (Selling England By The Pound)
  5. Firth of Fifth – 8:33 (Selling England By The Pound)
  6. The Musical Box – 10:28 (DVD only)
  7. More Fool Me – 3:24 (Selling England By The Pound)
  8. The Battle of Epping Forest – 12:23 (Selling England By The Pound)
  9. Supper’s Ready – 23:42 (Foxtrot)

Archive #1 has the following from the Rainbow concert and is available as an mp3 download so you don’t need to buy the expensive box set to get most of these songs:

  1. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight – 7:05
  2. Firth Of Fifth – 8:28
  3. More Fool Me – 3:59
  4. Supper’s Ready – 26:34
  5. I Know What I Like – 5:35

Another reason for buying Archive #1 is that it has a live version of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

Here is an edited version of Supper’s Ready with Genesis including Peter Gabriel performing live in concert. This reduces the song down to about 10 minutes.

If you object at a shortened version of Supper’s Ready and you want the full 23 minute version, here it is.

What People Say About Live At The Rainbow

I’ve linked to the comments for the box set at so you’ll need to skim for references to the Rainbow recordings.


Buying Genesis Live At The Rainbow

I’m disappointed with what Genesis have decided to do with this concert. Unless you’re a big fan I’d either go for Archives #1 or wait to see if the Rainbow concert receives a separate release.

Affiliate link to Genesis Archives mp3 at (depending on where you are in the world, there may be restrictions to stop you buying.)

What Do You Think About Genesis Live At The Rainbow

Love it or hate it?

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