Genesis Archive #2 1976-1992

Archive #2 1976 – 1992 is a collection of B-sides, live recordings and work in progresses by Genesis for the period after lead singer Peter Gabriel left.

There is a companion archive collection called Archive 1967 to 1975  which has a live performance of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway album and songs from their 1973 Rainbow performance.

Genesis Archive #2 1976-1992

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Songs On Genesis Archive #2 1976-1992

I’m only interested in the live tracks shown below:

CD 2

  1. Illegal Alien – 5:31 (L.A. Forum, Los Angeles on 14 January 1984)
  2. Dreaming While You Sleep – 7:48 (Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London in November 1992)
  3. It’s Gonna Get Better – 7:32 (L.A. Forum, Los Angeles on 14 January 1984)
  4. Deep In The Motherlode – 5:54 (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London on 5 May 1980)
  5. Ripples – 9:53 (Lyceum Theatre, London on 6 May 1980)
  6. The Brazilian – 5:17 (Wembley Stadium, London on 4 July 1987)
  7. Your Own Special Way – 6:50 (Sydney Entertainment Centre in December 1986)
  8. Burning Rope – 7:28 (Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston on 22 October 1978)
  9. Entangled – 6:57 (Bingley Hall, Staffordshire on 10 July 1976)
  10. Dukes Travels – 9:31 (Lyceum Theatre, London on 7 May 1980)

On CD 3 there are three more live recordings, tracks 4 to 6

  • No Reply At All – 4:56 (Savoy Theatre, New York City on 28 November 1981)
  • Man On The Corner – 4:04 (Savoy Theatre, New York City on 28 November 1981)
  • The Lady Lies – 6:08 (Lyceum Theatre, London on 6 May 1980)

I gave up on Genesis as a studio band after Wind & Wuthering but I continued to see them live until about 1983 or ’84 so most of these tracks are in my period as a fan. In fact, I saw Genesis at Bingley Hall, Stafford in 1976 so I’m buried in the cheers on Entangled.

I’m with those who are left disappointed with this collection because I’d have liked to hear more from the songs from the 1976/1977 tours, unless an extended version of Seconds Out is planned. Even without Peter Gabriel, Genesis were exceptional at the time, as shown by my poll of the prog rock live albums where Seconds Out is in the top 2 albums.

The band were in a strange place in the post Hackett days. The more commercial sound meant they lost respect as a progressive rock band but weren’t yet the hit makers they became they became in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Pulling together a compilation like this means we lose the context of the songs and few of these will have been the highlights of the concerts they came from. As far as I’m concerned, the two tracks from A Trick Of The TailRipples and Entangled – stand out as the highlights, even though both are both gentle tracks.

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