Genesis Archive 1967–75

Genesis Archive 1967–75 is a compilation album of live recordings and rare studio songs. It includes a live version of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and some of the famous 1973 concert at the Rainbow.

The recording of The Lamb is from one concert at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California on 24 January 1975.

Genesis Archive 1967–75

Genesis Archive 1967–75

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Set List

I’m only showing the live recordings which are the first two and a half discs of a four CD box set.

Disc one

  1. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway – 6:29
  2. Fly on a Windshield – 4:38
  3. Broadway Melody of 1974 – 0:34
  4. Cuckoo Cocoon – 2:17
  5. In the Cage – 7:56
  6. The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging – 4:25
  7. Back in N.Y.C. – 6:19
  8. Hairless Heart – 2:22
  9. Counting Out Time – 4:00
  10. The Carpet Crawlers – 5:45
  11. The Chamber of 32 Doors – 5:52

Disc two

  1. Lilywhite Lilith – 3:04
  2. The Waiting Room – 6:15
  3. Anyway – 3:28
  4. Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist – 3:57
  5. The Lamia – 7:12
  6. Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats – 3:15
  7. The Colony of Slippermen (Arrival – A Visit to the Doktor – Raven) – 8:47
  8. Ravine – 1:39
  9. The Light Dies Down on Broadway – 3:37
  10. Riding the Scree – 4:30
  11. In the Rapids – 2:25
  12. It – 4:20

Disc three – the Rainbow Concert October 1973

  1. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight – 7:05
  2. Firth of Fifth – 8:29
  3. More Fool Me – 4:01
  4. Supper’s Ready – 26:31
  5. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) – 5:36

While I am a big Genesis fan (especially the period 1972 to 1976), I’ve always struggled to appreciate The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway in the way that other Genesis fans do. It’s got some great songs like the title track, Carpet Crawlers and In The Cage but I’m underwhelmed by some of the others.

The live version sounds to me as if it’s got much more guts to it. I want to buy it but I want to pay a fair price for it. My solution has been to buy mp3 downloads for the most important and best tracks from The Lamb.

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