Jefferson Starship Deep Space/Virgin Sky 1995

Deep Space/Virgin Sky is a live album by Jefferson Starship.

It was recorded at House of Blues, West Hollywood, California on January 21st, 1995.

The album was released in June 1995 and extended to a double CD in 2003 and sold as Deeper Space / Extra Virgin Sky.

Since both these albums are still available, I think it’s best to treat them separately given the different name which suggests a different, later live recording.

While the name has changed from Airplane to Starship, the band didn’t ignore their earlier material.

Jefferson Starship Deep Space/Virgin Sky

Songs On Jefferson Starship Deep Space/Virgin Sky

1. Shadowlands
2. Ganja Of Love
3. Dark Ages
4. I’m On Fire
5. Papa John
6. Women Who Fly
7. Gold
8. The Light
9. Crown Of Creation
10. Count On Me
11. Miracles
12. Intro To Lawman
13. Lawman
14. Wooden Ships
15. Somebody To Love
16. White Rabbit

The Deeper Space option has 24 songs on it.

Playing on this album are:

Marty Balin – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
Paul Kantner – lead vocals, 12-string guitar
Darby Gould – vocals
Slick Aguilar – lead guitar
Tim Gorman – keyboards, vocals
Jack Casady – basses
Prairie Prince – drums


Buying Deep Space/Virgin Sky

It is available from

I couldn’t find this shorter version on itunes but the Deeper Space extended version is there – iTunes

These links will help you get to the albums quickly and easily but I recommend that you still search for the best deal.

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