Streetwalkers Live 1977

Streetwalkers live is a live album by Streetwalkers.

After the art rock group Family came to an end, vocalist Roger Chapman and guitarist Charlie Whitney formed the Streetwalkers hard rock group. It was named after their first joint solo album and, the Streetwalkers recorded three studio albums – Downtown Flyers (1975), Red Card (1976) and Vicious But Fair (1977).

After the band broke up and Roger Chapman went solo, he played blues rock.

Streetwalkers Live

Songs On Streetwalkers Live

1. Chilli Con Carne
2. Crazy Charade
3. Walking On Waters
4. Toenail Draggin
5. Mama Was Mad
6. Me An Me Horse An Me Rum
7. Dice Man
8. My Friend The Sun
9. Run For Cover
10. Burlesque
11. Cant Come In

My Friend The Sun and Burlesque are from their days with Family.

Playing on the album are:

Roger Chapman – vocals
Charlie Whitney – guitars
Bobby Tench – guitar, vocals
Brian Johnstone – keyboards
Mickie Feat – bass and backing vocals
Dave Dowie – drums


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