Supertramp Live Tracks With Breakfast In America Deluxe 1979

The Deluxe Edition of Breakfast In America by Supertramp has a second CD of live tracks from 1979.

Their live album Paris was recorded in 1979 but it excluded six songs from the concert which are included in this bonus CD together with other live recorded tracks from 1979. These six tracks are included on the CD/DVD combination Live In Paris ’79 but for those of us who have bought Paris, it is a great chance to get the missing songs.

Supertramp Live Tracks With Breakfast In America Deluxe

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Songs On Supertramp Live Tracks With Breakfast In America Deluxe

Here are the details of the second CD recorded live in concert.

1. The Logical Song – 4:06
2. Goodbye Stranger – 6:11
3. Breakfast In America – 3:05 Live At Wembley in 1979
4. Oh Darling – 4:21 Live In Miami in 1979
5. Take The Long Way Home – 4:48 Live At Wembley in 1979
6. Another Man’s Woman – 7:32
7. Even In The Quietest Moments – 5:36
8. Rudy – 7:29 Live At Wembley in 1979
9. Downstream – 3:29
10. Give A Little Bit – 4:03
11. From Now On – 6:53 Live At Wembley in 1979
12. Child Of Vision – 7:32

Tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12 were recorded at Pavillon De Paris in 1979. There is a version of The Logical Song on their live album Paris but the other tracks are excluded from that album but appear on Live In Paris ’79, the CD and DVD combination.

The songs from Wembley are slightly different versions to that available on Paris. Oh Darling from a Miami concert is a Breakfast In America song that wasn’t played in Paris.

This makes the bonuses valuable to anyone who has Paris but not Live In Paris ’79 and fans may want to buy the mp3 version of Oh Darling.

I lost my original version of Paris and I was missing it so I instinctively bought a new copy without investigating Live In Paris ’79 in detail. I then read about the missing tracks and was relieved to find that I already had them when I bought this extended version of Breakfast In America.


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