Vintage Albion Band On The Road 1977 1981 1982

Vintage Albion Band On The Road is a collection of live recordings by the Albion Band between 1977 and 1982.

Vintage Albion Band On The Road

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Songs On Vintage Albion Band On The Road

Uncle Bernard’s/Albion Sunrise/Jenny Lind – 6:26
Bouree – 1:57
The Gresford Didaster – 9:03
La Sexte Estample Real – 1:54
Hopping Down In Kent – 2:51
Buttered Peas – 2:31
Lemady/Arise And Pick A Posy/Down The Road – 5:27
Don’t Be An Outlaw – 3:41
Jacob’s Well – 4:36
Snow Falls – 4:04
Gallard/Bransle – 5:10
Dare To Be A Daniel – 3:16
Snowdrop Polka/High Tea Tango/Seaside Shuffle – 4:30
The Greatest Show On Earth – 6:05
Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow – 5:14
London Dance Song Medley(Pell Mell In Pall Mall/The Kensington Square Dance/Do The Aldwich) – 7:23

1977 tracks 1 to 6
1981 tracks 7 to 12
1982 tracks 13 to 16


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