Grateful Dead Europe 72

Europe 72 is a live album by Grateful Dead which captures the group in concert in Western Europe in April and May 1972.

A second volume of recordings Europe 72 volume 2 has been released in 2011. There is even a release of the complete Europe ’72 shows – all 22 concerts on 73 CDs.

Grateful Dead had released two of their most popular and critically acclaimed studio albums – Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty – which go back to the roots of American music.

This may be too “country” for music lovers primarily looking for guitar improvisations. Most of us are going to find this much more approachable and easier to listen to because of the strong song structures.

Grateful Dead Europe 72

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Grateful Dead Live/Dead 1969

Live/Dead is the first official live album released by the American rock band, Grateful Dead. It was recorded between January and March 1969 and was released in November 1969.

This is the last albums featuring Tom Constanten on the organ.

Grateful Dead Live/Dead

Grateful Dead Live Dead

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What Are The Best Live Grateful Dead Albums?

This page includes readers polls to help find the best live Grateful Dead album and the best Grateful Dead album recorded in the studio.

What Are The Best Live Grateful Dead Albums?

As a blog about live albums with readers polls as the main feature, I had to turn my attention to the Grateful Dead.

I believe most rock fans are intimidated by the Grateful Dead and the extreme loyalty of the Deadheads. I know I am.

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