Dire Straits On The Night 1992

On The Night is a live album by Dire Straits.

It was recorded at Nîmes in France and Rotterdam in Holland in May 1992 while the group were promoting their final studio album On Every Street.It was released in May 1993.

Their first live album, Alchemy built on the success of the first four very goo studio albums. Then came the over-rated but immensely popular Brothers In Arms in 1985 and then a long wait before On Every Street was released in September 1991.

By then Dire Straits had lost their “coolness” if that’s the right word for what made them special. The On The Night live album has slipped into almost obscurity… an afterthought.

Dire Straits On The Night

Dire Straits On The Night

Set List

  1. Calling Elvis – 10:25 (on the album On Every Street)
  2. Walk of Life – 5:06 (Brothers In Arms)
  3. Heavy Fuel – 5:23 (On Every Street)
  4. Romeo and Juliet – 10:05 (Making Movies)
  5. Private Investigations – 9:43 (Love Over Gold)
  6. Your Latest Trick – 5:35 (Brothers In Arms)
  7. On Every Street – 7:01 (On Every Street)
  8. You and Your Friend – 6:48 (On Every Street)
  9. Money for Nothing – 6:28 (Brothers In Arms)
  10. Brothers in Arms – 8:54 (Brothers In Arms)

Four songs from On Every Street and four more from Brothers In Arms means that there are only two of their old classics that were also on Alchemy featured. It’s a shame that more songs weren’t added when the album was remastered to make it more representative of their concerts.

The band at this stage was:

Mark Knopfler – lead guitar, lead vocals
Phil Palmer – guitar, backing vocals
Paul Franklin – pedal steel guitar
Chris White – saxophone, flute, backing vocals
Alan Clark – keyboards
Guy Fletcher – keyboards, backing vocals
John Illsley – bass guitar, backing vocals
Chris Whitten – drums
Danny Cummings – percussion, backing vocals

This is a highly professional band and I particularly like the addition of saxophone and flute to the songs but then I do have a bias this way.

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